Problem getting Simplicity Studio connecting to Thunderboard EFR32BG22 [solved!]

Had trouble getting started with Simplicity Studio on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

  • Installed JLinkCommander. Bit confusing the command is JLinkExe. Then ran:
    > connect
    > ?
    I then chose “EFR32BG22CXXXF512”
    and chose “S) SWD”
    and speed “4000”
    it seemed to work!
  • Simplicity cannot connect to J-Link via USB. I got the error “Launching myProject’ has encountered a problem. Could not determine GDB version after sending: arm-none-eabi-gdb –version, response”. Useful tip from here:
    – To run arm-none-eabi-gdb I found it in SimplicityStudio_v5/developer/toolchains/gnu_arm/10.3_2021.10/bin.
    – Had the problem described in the link above, but found I just needed to install libncurses5 with: sudo apt-get install libncurses5.

Not the most exciting post! But a useful note to myself 😀