Orientation from Tag Colour

My first outdoor experiment with the ‘colour to get orientation’ project looks like its got promising results, but I need to auto-detect the ‘posts’ to get the ground-truth orientation. I might have to come up with a better idea and try again.

Collecting data (using a frame with some coded columns of paper attached) -> The idea is I can get the ground truth orientation.

The following figure shows that it does seem like the colour changes (these are zoomed in on each of the tags in the first 49 flash photos). The first lot are 24m away, then the later dozen are from 16m away.

Reassuringly colourful. (Note: There are a couple that weren’t of the reflector). Most from 24m. The last few were from 16m.

The puzzle is to get the ground truth orientation from the black-and-white sticks and then see if the colours relate to the orientation.