Getting the blinky example working for the DA14531 using the microvision IDE

I went through the process of installing all the bits mentioned here (had to get a windows laptop in the end to use it).

The instructions on the blinky page might be for the full programmer rather than the “USB” version.

I had the sample problem as here: The demo that comes preloaded worked, but the blinky program didn’t seem to be able to communicate on the UART. I eventually found the answer in this doc:

help from the manual

The instructions on the forum post were close, but I simply had to change the pin from a 6 to a 5 in:

#define UART2_TX_PIN    GPIO_PIN_5

in user_periph_setup.h.

Edit/Addition: Adding serial communication

I wanted to get feedback via the serial port, but it seemed to just output the default message about the address of the device. I eventually found that the serial port could be enabled by modifying line 163 in da1458x_config_basic.h, which I wasn’t expecting as I’m using a da14531. Anyway, replace the line:



#define CFG_PRINTF